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Intimacy Insights Testimonials

“My drive had slowed down in middle age. I still craved sex, but couldn't always maintain an erection.  My wife feared she was unattractive to me and we both felt terrible. I tried the little blue pills, but didn’t like the side effects. Susan explained that since I had success under some circumstances, the problem wasn't totally physical.  She gave me exercises to bring back my abilities and confidence and help me find that the joys of sex were not a thing of the past.”   Jim, age 56

“I grew up with a very religious mother who said certain sex acts were ‘dirty’ and ‘unnatural'. I was a virgin when I married, and after years of intercourse only, my husband was very upset that I wouldn’t try oral sex, to the point where we were fighting constantly and on the verge of divorce. Susan assigned some tasteful educational videos that helped me get over my fears and learn to enjoy oral sex with my husband. Thanks to Susan, our sex life is much more fun and satisfying.”   Kirsten, age 28

“We have three kids and very demanding careers. Our sex life was almost zero, because when one of us was in the mood, the other was usually too tired. We were living like roommates when we saw the ad for a better sex life. Susan helped us see that putting our intimacy needs first wasn’t selfish, and would make us happier, better parents. Now we have scheduled lovemaking dates and Susan is teaching us new ways to make our sex life more romantic and exciting.”  Bill (age 34) and Lisa (age 32)

“I hated my job and was seeking sexual gratification and excitement outside my marriage in dangerous ways. I felt awful because I was risking too much and not being fair to my family. Susan talked to me like a world-wise friend, pointed out the addictive nature of my behaviors, and showed me better, more productive ways to relieve stress and feel good about myself. I am back on track and very grateful to her.”   Frank, age 50